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At Risk: food, recreation, energy and minerals, and so much more

The Sea Searchers Activity Handbook

World Ocean Day Environmental Activity Guide

Environment and Climate Marine Litter

Environment and Climate Marine Litter

World Oceans Environmental Youth Guide

Ocean Literacy for All Toolkit

An Educators Guide to Marine Debris

Protect Our Oceans Activity Book

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Charles Young Buffalo Soldiers Junior Ranger Activities, Information, and Resources




Black History

Women History



collective practices we participate in, ceremonies, holidays, and events.

The term Hispanic was first adopted by the United States government in the early 1970s, and has since been used in local and federal employment, media, academia, business, and Census since 1980.

Hispanic Heritage Activities

Educational activity books for student and adult learners help them to further improve cultural knowledge. These books also allow learners of all ages to engage in diversity and inclusion activities.

Culture Activity Books

We must never forget the many injustices in our history in the treatment of Natives. Today, we can have admiration for the strength of Native people by celebrating and learning their culture.

Native People

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Free Online Software Tutorials

Internet Help, Tips and Tricks

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Underground Railroad Network to Freedom National Park Educational Activities, Information, and Resources

Academia and Careers

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Children's Digital Library


Fascinating People

celebrities and historical figures are believed to have great influence in the world.

Harriet Tubman

At great risk, Tubman released people from captivity and bondage during a time it was illegal for blacks make claim to their own bodies.

Margaret Jones-Massey

Volunteers learn new things and share with others. You can offer a welcome face in services where help is needed in your community.

Michelle Obama

Right now, you need to be preparing yourself to add your voice to our national conversation, be informed and engaged as a citizen.

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Martin Luther King Jr

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    Malcolm X

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      Frederick Douglass

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        fun games, science activities, and interesting things about the polar region

        Antarctica is losing ice at an accelerating rate. How much will sea levels rise?

        The Frozen Continent

        Wildest Antarctica

        Antarctic and its wild creatures, all in dramatic action sequences.

        Wildest Antarctica

        Living in Antarctica

        Antarctica is the only continent on Earth without indigenous human inhabitants.

        Living in Antarctica

        Antarctica's Hidden Secrets

        Antarctica is considered one of the biggest mysteries on Earth.

        Hidden Secrets

        A Tiny New Cub

        We see ultimate cuteness as the cub explores the world outside for the first time.

        The Life of a Baby Polar Bear

        Best Antarctic Moments

        The world is an amazing place full of stories, beauty and natural wonder.

        Best Antarctic Animal Moments

        Emperor Penguins

        Antarctica, a colony of male Emperor penguins, females fishing trip

        A Colony of Emperor Penguins

        Mom Creates Avalanche to Save Family

        This mother polar bear causes a mini-avalanche to save her cubs.

        Mom Creates Avalanche to Save Family

        Dining Out

        Vote Facts

        Ready to Drive




        free download activities to share with family members and your community

        Grades K–8 eBooks and Videos

        There are four books for K–4 readers, plus three–chapter books and a graphic novel for readers in grades 5–8. Coloring books and videos are part of the series for grades K-4.

        Eagle Books Toolkit

        Coloring books, puzzles, stickers, trading cards, and more. Activities and certificates Use to encourage and inspire children and adults to stay healthy and prevent type 2 diabetes.

        Creative Resources

        Youth Eagle Books novel materials, posters, displays, and guides for ways to incorporate characters and themes from the books, using small and large file print options.

        Learn common eye-related myths to tell us fact vs. fiction, resources to help children learn about vision, the importance of eye health, and keeping the eyes safe at work and at play.

        Eye Care and Safety

        Help children of all ages learn the importance of healthy dental care habits while having fun with these activity sheets! Remember, you should replace your toothbrush every three months.

        Dental Health Habits

        Keeping your body neat and clean is as essential to good health as nutrition, exercise, and sleep! Learn the everyday habits that keep harmful bacteria away from your skin, hair, and teeth.

        Germ Buster Activities

        The Story of the Eagle Books

        This video tells the story of how the Eagle Books were developed.

        The Story of the Eagle Books

        Flying with the Eagle

        This video shows how the Eagle Books were used as the basis of outreach events.

        Flying with the Eagle

        Our Source of Health

        "Our people and cultures hold the answers. Our cultures are our source of health."

        Our Source of Health

        NASA and Science Activities

        Health Education Videos

        Disaster Preparedness

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        Alphabet Category Set of Activity Books and eBooks

        Explore and Participate

        Educational Safety Activities

        Software and Technology



        for the love of wildlife, for our future and our planet


        educational activity and video collection to encourage everyone to download and share the quality of the learning experience


        A new category of activities on safety with food, tech, travel, pedestrian and most of all children's safety at home and school.


        A new state park category for activities include outdoor adventures, Junior Ranger activity books, camping, fishing and much more.


        Disasters do not plan but you can with our list of environmental preparedness activity books, checklists, pet and family shelter info.

        What Happens When an Animal Species Goes Extinct?

        Free to use and share information on all the planet's 1.9 million known species video, sound, images, graphics, as well as text.

        All Known Species

        The last male, known as Sudan, died in March 2018 at the age of 45. The two remaining white rhinos are females, Najin and Fatu.

        A Species Goes Extinct

        A historic and successful birth of a southern white rhino calf is hope for northern white rhinos artificial insemination.

        Saving White Rhinos

        15 Rarest & Critically Endangered Animals on Earth

        Learn How an Animal Becomes Endangered

        The Extinction Crisis is Worse Than You Think

        The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service works with others to conserve, protect and enhance fish, wildlife and plants and their habitats. The vast majority of fish and wildlife habitat is on non-Federal lands.

        Wildlife Activities

        Download the National Park Service Index, a complete administrative listing of the National Park System’s areas and related areas. It has been revised to reflect congressional actions.

        List of 61 National Parks

        Wildscreen Arkive is an online resource, cataloguing the stories of species, ecosystems and everything to do with the natural world. It is the world’s most comprehensive collection of its kind.

        Wildscreen Arkive

        The Story of Brooks River

        Biologists have closely monitored the habits and behaviors of bears at Brooks River.

        eBook 2018

        Bears of Brooks River 2017

        These eBooks provide a unique opportunity to gain insight into their dynamic lives.

        eBook 2017

        Bears of Brooks River 2016

        Download the Bears of Brooks River eBook to help you identify the bears and read about their stories.

        eBook 2016

        Bears of Brooks River 2015

        The park and preserve offer unique opportunities to explore vast wilderness and watch brown bears.

        eBook 2015

        Universal Access

        We provide fun activities, guides, information and resources for people with disabilities.

        Special Needs

        Preparedness guides for people with disabilities and other access or functional needs.


        Download activities with greater independence by enabling people to perform and complete tasks.

        Closed Captioning

        Free multimedia designed to view, share, and download with activated closed captioning.

        ASL Disaster Assistance

        Disabilities and People with Special Needs Disaster Preparedness Plans and Activity Books

        ASL Assistance

        Disability is Natural

        Person First Language

        Disability is Natural

        Children with Disabilities

        See What Children with Disabilities Can Do


        Communication about autism

        Autism, or autism spectrum disorder (ASD)


        Ready, Set, Go!

        In Ready, Set, Go!, Sam introduces us to Sally, a new girl in class who has a learning disability. Sally explains her dyslexia as mixing up letters and numbers, which causes her problems with reading and math. She works with a classroom aide, Mr. Gonzales. The book closes with Sam, Jack and Sally going swimming.

        Summer Field Trip

        Summer Field Trip teaches us all about seizures with Fred and his friend Cathy, who has epilepsy. On a trip to the mall, Cathy as a seizure after playing arcade games. Fred and their classmates learn what a seizure is and what to do if someone has a seizure.

        Play Ball!

        Play Ball! introduces us to Jack and Sam. Jack uses a wheelchair because he can't walk. As the boys get to know each other, they find they share many common interests, including playing baseball. Sam introduces Jack to more of his friends, and they PLAY BALL!

        Going to the Zoo

        Going to the Zoo introduces Ben who has a hearing impairment, and Joe, his brother who sometimes acts as his interpreter. The class is going to the zoo, and George and Sally are curious about Ben and Joe's use of sign language. The boys explain that they use sign language to talk, and explain what it is. They also teach their friends some sign language.

        Let's Ride

        Let's Ride introduces us to Fred, and some of the effects that traumatic brain injury can have. This book emphasis the importance of wearing helmets and appropriate bicycle safety. It also describes some of the strategies that can be used to address the effects that a traumatic brain injury can have after the outward injuries have healed.





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        Black Panther Marvel Comics Category Set of Activities






        community and home educational activities, guides, and resources

        Rescue Dogs, Firefighting Heroes, and Facts

        Hershey the Fire Safety Dog Activity Book

        Learn Not to Burn Preschool Activities

        Grades 3-5 Electrical Safety Activity Guide

        Burn Awareness Activities

        4 Seasons of Electrical Safety Activity Toolkit

        A collection of activity guides, workbooks, and gun safety action plans can give you the tools and information you need to avoid a lot of misinformation and bad advice.

        Gun Safety Activity Books

        During the last school year, more than 4 million students participated in at least one lockdown, and these perceived threats, psychologists say are causing students trauma.

        School Year Lockdowns

        No other developed country in the world has anywhere near the same rate of gun violence as America. The US has nearly six times the gun homicide rate as Canada.

        Charts on Gun Violence

        Emperor Penguins

        In the centre of Antarctica, a colony of male Emperor penguins are left quite literally 'holding the baby' as, nearing starvation, they eagerly await the return of the females fresh from their fishing trip! The Greatest Wildlife Show on Earth | BBC Earth
        Environment Activity Downloads



        activity worksheets, interactive tools, learning resources

        NASA Kids' Club

        Kids' Club

        NASA & Science Activities

        NASA encourages you to visit NASA Kids' Club and use its games, activities and most interesting pictures.
        Space Place

        Space Place

        Earth and Space Activities

        The latest NASA Earth and space images and videos, as well as a rotating selection of articles.
        Space Station

        Space Station

        Tour & Activities

        International Space Station tour, crafts and activities in one place with printable PDFs free to download
        Climate Kids

        Climate Kids

        Activities and Videos

        Kids resources and games to teach kids of all ages about Earth's systems, water cycle and weather.

        Galex Puzzles

        IMAX Activity

        RSS Latest Activities

        NASA Posters

        Screen Savers

        Jet Go Space



        educational activities and resources are free to view, share, and download


        Explore and build a foundation for future academic or career pursuits. Top universities and organizations in the world to offer courses online for anyone to take, for free.

        Voter Q&A

        Vote printable learning worksheets and videos for student and adult learners. You have an obligation to know the facts about candidates before casting your ballot to represent your interest.

        Sports Safety 101

        Educational resources for athletes, parents and coaches helpful tools in the handbooks on playtime safety. Outdoor play areas, equipment, and surfacing safety checklist.

        Compare Credit Cards Worksheets

        Biz Kids Piggy Bank Hunt

        Money Management Planner

        Student Spending Plan Worksheet