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Animated illusions that are creative and humorously unlikely events.

A very stupid and superstitious cat awakens and goes through his usual gyrations of ensuring he will not have an unlucky...

A boy gets trigger happy with his BB gun, but soon regrets it.

Droopy and his identical twin brother Drippy are assigned to look after a house, and are told to deal violently with str...

Wild Ralph Hiccup is a cowboy with a John Wayne accent and has been robbing airline passengers of their valuables.

Mutt and Jeff play Sherlock Holmes style detectives on the trail of the mysterious Phantom.

A Famous Studios screen song where at night in the bakery shop the pastries come to life to perform in a circus.

Roger Ramjet is an animated American children's television comedy series that first ran in 1965.

Roger is summoned by General Brassbottom to figure out who is extinguishing little light bulbs around the country. Roger...

Cowboys mistakenly think that Roger Ramjet is an alien. Roger Ramjet is an animated American children's television comed...

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