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Marc B Auguste Sr.

Marc B Auguste Sr. a Haitian born inventor, who before retiring as director of the Multimedia department at the Thetford-Mines College, obtained a Bachelor of Arts and general mechanics in Port of Prince, Haiti, received a teaching certificate in Paris, immigrated to the US where he studied at the RCA institute of technology in New York before accepting a position teaching electronics at the Technology College in Sherbrooke, Quebec in the late 1960's.

Marc B Auguste Sr was instrumental in the development and the prototyping of a multi-purpose portable coin-organizer, which he shares intellectual property rights with his eldest son Marc Jr. and his daughter-in-law Jacqueline.

Conceived as an assistive device for visually impaired persons, this seemingly simple device comfortably fits in the palm of the hand and conveniently holds a multitude of different sized coins which can be extracted by a simple push of the thumb

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