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Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a developmental disability that causes social, communication and behavioral difficulties that can often be diagnosed by age 2. ASD is diagnosed by observing a child’s behavior and development.

Early diagnosis and intervention could make a difference in helping him or her. Learn about the signs and common symptoms of ASD and the developmental milestones to look for to determine a child's progress as they age. Meeting these milestones might include: pointing at things, using simple gestures like clapping and waving "bye-bye," or talking, for example.

If you’re concerned that your child is not meeting certain milestones for their age, talk to their pediatrician to discuss some possible next steps.  

My Thiero Boys

My Thiero Boys: A Lifestyle Dealing With Autism by Advocate/Filmmaker BADWest Member Vana Thiero In the documentary film, “My Thiero Boys: A Lifestyle Dealing with Autism” a mother of two boys diagnosed with autism exposes the battles, fears and issues families face daily. Divorced and an at-home-mom, Filmmaker, Vana Thiero captured her children’s activities for over 3 years. With hopes to help others understand the autism culture she’s presented a raw and moving depiction. Thiero’s research and determination brought many special needs experts, children and parents on board what has become a compelling, informative and uniquely entertaining personal story. With factual data presented by Dr. Robert Sears, author of “The Autism Book,” Executive Director, Nancy Alspaugh-Jackson of Autism Care & Treatment Today and attorney, Areva Martin the author of “The Everyday Advocate” this documentary also sets the stage for what our society will need to address in order to care for these children when they become adults.