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Smart recycling if you sell laptops, iPhones, iPads, Blackberry, Smart Phones - online, free shipping box and fast payments. Remember to tell your friends!

Sell Broke

Free Shipping to Sell Electronic Goods

Get an instant quote to sell laptops, phones, tablets, or other electronic devices. Select the device that you want to sell us and then select the condition that it’s in. If you’ve got more than one laptop, phone, tablet, or other electronic device to sell us, you can add it to your cart and continue adding more!

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 Sell laptops, iPhones, iPads, Blackberry, Smart Phones - Battery Solutions

Easy-to-use recycling kits, smart recycling systems, and comprehensive services are specifically designed to make battery recycling as easy and hassle-free as possible, while helping you protect the environment.

Cash for Electronic Scrap USA

  • Get an online quote
    Finish in less than a minute!
  • Send your device for free
    Get a free protective box and USPS shipping at no cost
    Confirm the sale of your device
  • Get paid fast
    Choose same day payment
  • Receive an email or a call from our Customer Service Representative

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Gadget Salvation

    Select your device and answer a few questions about the condition of your gadget. Fill out the checkout form and receive a free pre-paid shipping label.
    All you need is a box. Print out your pre-paid shipping label, pack your device and drop it off at any UPS Store.
    Once delivered, we'll test your device and get you paid within 48 business hours! Choose between Check, PayPal, Venmo or Bank Transfer. There are no commitments, cancel anytime and receive your device back free of charge.

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