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Every time we hold prosecutors accountable, we are transforming our criminal justice system and building power for our communities. The prosecutor accountability movement has developed a winning approach to ending the most unjust, unconstitutional, destructive and racist practices of prosecutors: money bail, over-charging, over-sentencing, over-policing, the drug war, attacking immigrants, sending our kids to adult prisons and keeping secrets about what’s really happening in their offices and in police departments. We are making real change. Learn more at #WinningJustice Learn more at WinningJustice.org

Video: Winning Justice - Taking on Prosecutors Narrated by Common

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Squads are using these resources to make real change.

Learn how to organize actions and events locally, and lead your Squad to a big win. We must take the fight to end mass incarceration and police violence into our own hands. It begins with starting a squad.


    If you are reading this, you are the leader your community has been waiting for. Learn how to build an effective team—a Prosecutor Accountability Squad—that can rally people to action and take on your local prosecutor to make change. Download the Start a Squad guide. Go to the Start a Squad page to sign-up.
    Learn all you need to know about hosting a great party that can bring your community together and start to get organized. Download the House Party guide.
    Learn about the six specific changes that organizers just like you—all across the country—are forcing their local prosecutors to make. It’s a winning strategy to end mass incarceration and police violence. Download the 6 Demands Overview and the detailed 6 Demands Fact Sheet. Or read an overview online.
    Learn how to use online petitions to create leverage, and force your local prosecutor to respond to your demands. Download the Petition Campaigns guide.
    Bring some Black joy to your community. Use our toolkit to organize a fun and powerful experience that will educate, inspire and mobilize. Download the Black People’s Brunch toolkit.
    Learn how to get your Squad onto your prosecutor’s calendar, pay them a visit and ask the right questions. Download the Prosecutor Office Visit guide, including the Prosecutor Questionnaire.

People who want justice, just like you, are forming local Squads to force their prosecutors to change their practices. Color Of Change supports local Squads and Squad leaders with the tools, training and knowledge they need to succeed, and connects Squads to local racial justice organizations so they can join forces and win. Squads across the country are getting fired up. Join a local squad or start one yourself!

Our criminal justice system is racist, violent and deeply unjust. It targets the people we love and the communities we live in. Its injustices makes us feel pain, anger and outrage. All the time. 

We see Black, Brown and Native people brutalized and murdered by police. We see jails and prisons steal the future of the people we love. We see corporations drain our families of their wealth and resources. 

We also see our community’s capacity for love, joy and power. We have realized that if we get organized and mobilized—and trust one another—we can end mass incarceration and police violence and take control of our communities. It begins with prosecutors, the single most influential people in the system.

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