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The creator of the show, Adamu Waziri, realised that there was a massive lack of true African made children's educational cartoon shows.

In Nigeria at the time there were no indigenous cartoon shows that showed children a reflection of themselves. All the cartoon shows were imported and had no link to Africa in anyway.

There was a lack of support for indigenous children’s programming. This basically meant that the most populous Black Country in the world didn’t have a cartoon show that its children could watch that reflected them in any way no matter how small.

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The show is for parents, schools, home-schoolers and others who are finding it difficult to find positive, fun, educational content about Africa for their children to watch.

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Bino and Fino2DID YOU KNOW: Brazil has the largest African descendant population outside of Africa. Adamu Waziri has created the concept for a new show that would introduce Brazilian children to African characters in an animated series called “Bino & Fino.” Waziri and his team have launched an IndieGogo campaign.

Bino & Fino is very educational and it’s “healthy” tv for the African diaspora.

The Story Behind Bino & Fino