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About the ASU Open CourseWare Initiative

Thousands of educational videos, audio recordings and text documents for students, teachers, and lifelong learners of all ages.

ASU on iTunesU

ASU iTunes U supplies two methods of podcast delivery. First, are Public ASU iTunes U materials made freely available to anyone in the world. Examples of such materials include extraordinary events programming, guest lectures, educational and informational documentary videos, open course ware materials, and more. If you are producing media that you would like to make available as podcasts, please see the ASU iTunes U Contribute Materials for more information on how you can begin using ASU iTunes U at once.

Second, ASU iTunes U also supports Private podcast materials that are associated with ASU course offerings. Access to Private ASU iTunes U materials limited in a variety of ways; for example, only to students registered in a course. Adding ASU iTunes U to both traditional and online ASU courses is a simple and effortless process. Simply follow these guidelines and instructions and add iTunes U as one of the available resources in the ASU Course Enrollment Manager.