Presidential Management Fellows Program

The Presidential Management Fellows (PMF) Program (external link) is a flagship leadership development program at the entry-level for advanced degree candidates. Created more than three decades ago, the program attracts and selects from among the best candidates and is designed to develop a cadre of potential Federal Government leaders. Here are some key provisions of the PMF Program.


Students & Recent Graduates

The Pathways Programs offer clear paths to Federal internships for students from high school through post-graduate school and to careers for recent graduates, and provide meaningful training and career development opportunities for individuals who are at the beginning of their Federal service.



This is a great source of information on civil service jobs, USA job search engines, internship programs and Web pages providing more resources. Most civil service jobs require Pennsylvania Residency at the time of application. Refer to the "Job Requirements" section of those test announcements in which you are interested to determine if residency is required.


CIA Careers and Internships

Make a difference in your career. Consider the global employment opportunities at the CIA. We're looking for a diversity of people for the important job of keeping America safe. This includes Clandestine Service Officers to be on the front line of human intelligence. Plus, individuals skilled in science, engineering, technology, analysis, foreign languages and administration for positions in the United States and overseas.


Careers in Cybersecurity - Scholarship For Service (SFS)

Scholarship For Service (SFS) is a unique program designed to increase and strengthen the federal government workforce that protects the government's critical information infrastructure. This program provides scholarships that fully fund the typical costs for books, tuition, and room and board while attending an approved institution of higher learning.


Federal Resume & Hiring

Federal resumes are a bit different from private sector. Federal resumes require more detail and are therefore a bit longer than a traditional resume. On a federal resume you need to include items such as number of hours worked per week and supervisor contact information. You can build your federal resume on and tailor for individual applications.

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