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Keeping Healthy While HIV Positive

HIV positive people should avoid all toxic or artificial substances and eat only organic food as a first step.

They should eat regular meals throughout the day, not just irregular snacks. He further advocates vegetarianism to avoid immunotoxic and indigestible animal foods in order to fully support the immune system. HIV positive people most definitely should not smoke. Smoking is very damaging to the immune system and the rest of the body. All recreational drugs should be avoided. He encourages people to cook in stainless steel or glass containers to avoid the possible leaching of chemicals from non-stick coatings, etc. He further recommends that people avoid artificial sweeteners like aspartame. He believes that certain alcoholic beverages, like organic red and white wines, beers, and lagers in moderation if you and your drug regime can tolerate it, may be less harmful than non-organic varieties, but if you have an addictive personality you should avoid these completely. Also, avoid all toxic people. He finds that 90% of gay HIV positive men he's worked with have been rejected by their families. For many gay men, family is important; if this network is suddenly taken away, they feel life is no longer worth living. Some have committed suicide after disclosing their sexual orientation and HIV status to family members and being rejected. But if a family was toxic enough to expel you for your sexual orientation or HIV status, would you want to be part of that family anyway? Cass feels that toxic people are an even bigger killer than toxic food. Immunosuppressive drugs, food, alcohol, and smoking are all addictions. It's hard to give these up after years of addiction but vital for your continued good health! For more information about HIV/AIDS, visit and

Keeping Healthy While HIV Positive
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Learn the HIV risk of different sexual activities when one partner is HIV positive and one partner is HIV negative (a discordant partnership)


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