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What's the Risk That I Have Contracted HIV?

There's only one way to know for sure: get tested!

Becky Kuhn, M.D. explains that there is no way to reliably estimate what the risk is that a particular individual already has or has not contracted HIV. There are too many variables that play a role and that are difficult or impossible to quantify. In reality, either you have already contracted HIV, or you have not. Speculating won't help you, your partners, or your loved ones. If you think you may have been exposed to HIV or may have any risk factors, you should get tested for HIV. If you have already contracted HIV, you are much better off finding out now and getting early monitoring and treatment that can improve the quality and length of your life than waiting until later. For more information, visit and [Want to help prevent the spread of HIV? Volunteer to translate scripts into other languages! Visit for details.]

What is the Risk That I Have Contracted HIV
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Learn the HIV risk of different sexual activities when one partner is HIV positive and one partner is HIV negative (a discordant partnership)


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