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'The citizens of Alabama declare for white supremacy and purity of ballot.' When Alabama’s state constitution was written in 1901 by 155 white men, their goal was to “establish white supremacy in this state.” A section about involuntary servitude that remains legal in 19 state constitutions. Today, more laws reinforce white supremacy by...
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg,the Supreme Court’s feminist icon, not only changed the law, she also transformed the roles of men and women in society, according to Linda Greenhouse, contributing writer and former Supreme Court Correspondent for The Times.
Lewis would be speaking on the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee’s behalf. When his fellow SNCC organizers noticed a table with printed copies for the media of another speaker’s address, they quickly made copies of Lewis’s speech and put it on the same table. Zinn Education Project: Voices of People’s History
Police: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) - John Oliver discusses how the histories of policing and white supremacy are intertwined, the roadblocks to fixing things, and some potential paths forward.
President Obama joins local and national leaders in the police reform movement, to discuss the tragic events of recent weeks, the history of police violence in America, and specific action steps needed to transform a system that has led to the loss of too many lives. Read More: report and toolkit and a dedicated site
THE TALK is a two-hour documentary about the increasingly necessary conversation taking place in homes and communities across the country between parents of color and their children, especially sons, about how to behave if they are ever stopped by the police. Read More
Shocking FACTS: "If you don’t experience such devastating airway or respiratory effects, your skin feels like it’s on fire.” Here's how to protect yourself against tear gas, pepper spray. Read More: USA TODAY
When you can and cannot use deadly force and when vigilante justice turns into homicide. A citizen's arrest is an arrest made by a private citizen, that is, a person who is not acting as a sworn law-enforcement official. In common law jurisdictions, the practice dates back to medieval England and the English common law, in which sheriffs...
This passionate talk from Dr. James O'Keefe MD gives us a deeply personal and fascinating insight into why homosexuality is indeed a necessary and extraordinarily useful cog in nature's wheel of perfection. TEDx
A global history of women’s rights, in 3 minutes. How much progress have we achieved in the global struggle for equal rights, and how much work remains? From worldwide suffrage campaigns to the rise of #MeToo and digital activism, we have marched slowly forward. But today, the fight for gender equality is far from over. Discover the...
Turner was fired shortly after the arrest. Orlando Police Chief Orlando Rolon said at the time that Turner didn't follow department policy of getting the approval of a watch commander to arrest someone younger than 12.
EQUAL MEANS EQUAL is an unflinching look at how women are treated in the United States today. By following both real life stories and precedent setting legal cases, director Kamala Lopez discovers how outdated and discriminatory attitudes inform and influence seemingly disparate issues, from workplace matters to domestic violence, rape and...