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Can I run 32-bit programs on a 64-bit computer? Most programs designed for the 32-bit version of Windows will work on the 64-bit version of Windows. Notable exceptions are many antivirus programs.

404 error

A 404 error is a common website error message that indicates a webpage cannot be found. It may be produced when a user clicks an outdated (or 'broken') link or when a URL is typed incorrectly in a Web browser's address field


How do I tell if my computer can run a 64-bit version of Windows? To run a 64-bit version of Windows, your computer must have a 64-bit-capable processor. To find out if your processor is 64-bit-capable, do the following:

Advanced Audio Coding

Advanced Audio Coding (AAC) is an audio coding standard for lossy digital audio compression. Designed to be the successor of the MP3 format, AAC generally achieves better sound quality than MP3 at the same bit rate.AAC has been standardized by ISO and IEC, as part of the MPEG-2 and MPEG-4 specifications. Part of AAC, HE-AAC ('AAC+'), is part of MPEG-4 Audio and also adopted into digital radio standards DAB+ and Digital Radio Mondiale, as well as mobile television standards DVB-H and ATSC-M/H.

Synonyms - AAC

Adware is free software that is supported by advertisements. Common adware programs are toolbars that sit on your desktop or work in conjunction with your Web browser. Most adware is safe to use, but some can serve as spyware, gathering information about you from your hard drive, the Web sites you visit, or your keystrokes.

African Americans

African Americans (also referred to as Black Americans or Afro-Americans) are an ethnic group of Americans with total or partial ancestry from any of the black racial groups of Africa. The term typically refers to descendants of enslaved black people who are from the United States.


ALAC may refer to: ALAC (Arma Leve Anticarro), a Brazilian light anti-tank weapon Alcohol Advisory Council of New Zealand, a New Zealand autonomous Crown entity Aluminium acetate or ALAc, the aluminium salts of acetic acid Apple Lossless Audio Codec, developed by Apple Inc. for lossless data compression of digital music and made open-source in 2011 Artificial Limb & Appliance Centre, facilities belonging to NHS Wales' Artificial Limb & Appliance Service At-Large Advisory Committee, an advisory committee to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers

Alcatraz Island

Often referred to as 'The Rock', Alcatraz Island is located in the San Francisco Bay, the small island was developed with facilities for a lighthouse, a military fortification, a military prison (1868), and a federal prison from 1933 until 1963.


In mathematics and computer science, an algorithm is a step-by-step procedure for calculations. Algorithms are used for calculation, data processing, and automated reasoning.


opposing or prohibiting unfair discrimination against people based on race, religion, etc. : preventing or counteracting bias (as in hiring practices) merriam-webster.com/dictionary/antibias


The Order of Australia is an order of chivalry established on 14 February 1975 by Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia, to recognise Australian citizens and other persons for achievement or for meritorious service.


Apprenticeship is a system of training a new generation of practitioners of a trade or profession with on-the-job training and often some accompanying study (classroom work and reading).

assigned sex

Sex assignment (sometimes known as gender assignment) is the discernment of the sex at the birth of a baby.


Credit somebody with something: to give credit for something such as a work of art or a saying to a particular person, often wrongly

bachelor's degree

A bachelor's degree is usually earned for an undergraduate course of study that normally requires three to five years of study (depending on institution and field of study).